My Idea

I had seen this video a few years ago and almost instantly agreed to it. And not long after I saw the video I started to get ideas on a better system and how to implement it. My idea was this:


It starts out honestly simple: treat kids like adults. I dont mean force responsibilites on them right away, but rather mentally. If a kid talks to you, dont just put on your sweet bs voice. If a kid asks you a difficult question, dont avoid it (unless its something like "how are babies made". Questions like: "why is the sky blue" or "why did we leave daddy") because kids deserve to know these things. And if we treat them like babies for such a long time they'll take even longer to learn. By letting them be treated like adults you allow them a chance to learn, by letting them learn they'll develop more curiosities and just continue to learn.


Starting in middle school we start to bring up different job fields. We begin to introduce the fact that not all jobs are truly resonable. From there we


Instead of ordinary open house, we would have a bunch of different jobs come out to the schools and they would have little booths. Students ranging from freshmen to seniors will come out and check around. they can pick a couple of jobs they like, sign a paper they have there at the booths, and the school can adjust their schedule so that the students will have classes based off of jobs that they find an intrest in. Many people have mentioned money as a problem, and I can see how it might be, however with fundraisers and donations it can be entirely possible!